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    Application Details

    Participation Price

    The mini size is 1m booth and is only useful for those that are selling non-heavy materials, please note that you must ensure you see the size of the booth before you consent to 1m.

     S/N Size/SQM Price ( ₦)
     1  Mini  15,000
     2  6  60,000
     3  9  80,000
     4  12  120,000
     5  30  280,000
     6  Sponsor  500,000 - 5,000,000

    Space Request

    Please tick the relevant box to indicate your exhibition stand preference

    Raw space

    standard construction

    Catalogue Advertisement Rate Card

    Please tick the box(es) to indicate our advertisement preference

    inside front cover ₦300,000

    inside back cover ₦250,000

    Inner Pages ₦200,000

    centre spread ₦500,000

    inside front cover half ₦200,000

    inside back cover half ₦150,000

    inner pages half ₦100,000