INGETREX International General Trade Exhibition

International General Trade Exhibition (INGETREX) is a fusion of different sectors: Agriculture, Food and Packaging, Fashion and Beauty, Home textiles, Interior, Building and Construction.

Ingetrex Asaba 2022

Ingetrex Ekiti 2022


International General Trade Exhibition (INGETREX) is a fusion of different sectors: Agriculture, Food and Packaging, Fashion and Beauty, Home textiles, Interior, Building and Construction. We hope to take Ingetrex across all the states in Nigeria, it is a convergence of exhibitors from all neighboring States and international exhibitors to each host state.

We plan to take Ingetrex across all the states in Nigeria, we had the first edition in Ado Ekiti in 2021 and we have already secured dates for Asaba and Ekiti in 2022

ASABA 6 - 9 APRIL, 2022

The Dome Event Centre, Asaba, Delta State

EKITI 25 - 27 AUGUST, 2022

The Civic Centre (Afe Babalola Hall), Ado Ekiti


sectors Categories of sectors for this Exhibition


Agriculture in Nigeria as seen by a Nigerian specialist. In some respects, the circumstances in Nigeria resemble those of neighboring countries. In this analysis, the emphasis is on pragmatic approaches and the spirit of enterprise, whether family-run businesses or larger-scale operations. Agriculture is the most important sector in the Nigerian economy. It employs 60% of Nigerians, including many rural women, and contributes up to 35% of the country’s GDP. As in many other African countries, agriculture in Nigeria is largely focused on food crops for the domestic market, given the Nigerian population estimated at 150 million people. In spite of this reality, Nigeria remains a net importer of food, for many reasons. First of all, the majority of the agriculture-focused operations in the country are small-scale, with limited innovation regarding inputs, harvesting, processing, distribution, and access to markets. The vast majority of people engaged in agriculture operate at the subsistence level, are uneducated and have limited access to training. Moreover, 95% of the country’s exports are dominated by petroleum and related products, which has shifted focus away from agriculture. As a result, until recently, there has been severe underinvestment in agriculture by the public and private sectors, civil society and bilateral and multilateral agencies. This has been intensified by weak, un-enforced, poorly implemented and often conflicting policies at all levels of the country.

Food and Packaging

This is an avenue to package your farm products (either raw or processed) to the public, food companies or potential exporters. Food packaging at any exhibition increases profitability in business.

Home Textile, Fashion & Beauty

States across Nigeria have a long-standing tradition of cotton weaving and other home textiles. They also produce shoes and pottery and has a collection point for commercial fashion sales. INGETREX is a platform to showcase your fashion brands & products to a large number of people and visitors.

Building, Construction & Interior Designs

There are lots of housing projects and private building projects going on in states across the country. INGETREX is bringing in several international and Nigerian manufacturers of Building materials, building products and services, latest building technologies and innovations, Real Estate providers and government agencies.

Ingetrex Profile INGETREX have different profiles under each Segment in the Exhibition

Agriculture, Food and Packaging

We expect Entrepreneurs & Companies in the following field to come showcase their products & services and also visit to network for more business opportunities: Raw Food, Drinks and Food Processing machine, Food engineering supplies and equipment, Storage System, chemicals & fertilizers, Fruits wholesales, Agricultural products, Feeds, fisheries & fish farming, food storage & handling transport, Greenhouses, Agricultural machinery, Breeding, Horticulture, Poultry Feeding and Veterinary products.

Fashion, Beauty & Home Textiles

Cloth Manufacturers and sellers, fashion Designers, Cosmetics & make-up manufacturers and sellers, Skin care products, textile Owners, local costume makers, and so on.

Interior, Building and Construction

Home appliances, Interior accessories, sophisticated furniture products, Builders, Real estate merchants, Mortgage bankers, Construction Engineers, Building materials manufacturers and sellers, Energy (Solar System) companies.

why exhibit The Biggest International General Trade Exhibition in Nigeria

It has been discovered that exhibition is a powerful tool in the promoting, marketing and discovering latest trends within the industry. It is also one of the most powerful, versatile and cost-effective marketing tools in the commercial industry.

Generate and Organize organic sales leads

Building business relationships

Launching of latest products and services

Increase Awareness

Survey market awareness

Find Potential Investors

To gather information and content on new trends and dynamics

Meet Top Entrepreneurs.

Professionals and experts in the field will grace this Event to expose everyone to more knowledge in every sectors.
You can't afford to miss it.

Learn Even More.

As a business owner, you need to learn more trends that will improve your business.
The world is becoming a digital place and your business must be involved to get the success it needs.
Do more to get more!

Speakers Experts in Agri-tech will be Present

Agri-tech is the smart way of farming now, as a modern farmer, you need to be aware of the latest trend to exploit success in your agricultural activities.

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International General Trade Exhibition (INGETREX) is a fusion of different sectors: Agriculture, Food and Packaging, Fashion and Beauty, Home textiles, Interior, Building and Construction.